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Issue B, Sep 2007
A Mystery Not Yet Solved

Extensively rewritten
May 2014

Vol 3, Issue 3
Part 6. Samuel Gentry Jr.

Extensively rewritten
July 2014

Issue C, 2004
Revised, maps added
July 2014

Issue H, 2004
Major additions and revisions
August 2014

WELCOME to the "Journal of Gentry Genealogy". This journal was initiated as a collection of articles relating to the family of Nicholas Gentry, who emigrated from England to settle on the banks of Totopotomoy Creek in what was then New Kent County, Virginia, in the latter half of the seventeenth century. The journal is an attempt to fill a niche that was then not satisfied (and is still not completely satisfied) by any of the normal genealogy-related websites on the Internet.

The initial series of documentary articles were written over a span of three years on a monthly schedule, ending with a final issue dated January 2004. A new series of articles published on an irregular schedule and in random order began with the February 2004 issue. These included a few more informal articles with less emphasis on research and documentation. In addition, revisions of, or additions to the original articles have been and may continue to be published. Articles which have been revised will be identified as such in the indexes, with the date of revision.

With the exception of articles written by other authors and identified as such, the editor takes full responsibility for the contents of the Journal of Gentry Genealogy. At the time each article was written, it represented the best thinking of the editor at the time. As time has passed, material published in early articles has been shown to be incomplete or in error in various ways. Changes, over a period of several years, in conclusions by the editor of the Journal as to Gentry family relationships resulted in there being a number of statements in earlier issues of the Journal that the editor considered to be wrong. Starting in June 2008, from time to time articles have been revised that varied significantly from current thinking. This has resulted in issues identified by a specific volume and issue number that no longer read the same as the original article, but the editor feels it is more important that these issues, which may be used to assist other genealogists in tracing their Gentry families, be as correct as possible for future readers. The journal issues which have been revised have been identified in the separate indices to back issues.

Warning. Although separate articles have been revised to reflect changes in proposed relationships, there are occasional comments included in earlier articles that do not correspond to the editor's latest thinking (as for example references to David-II Gentry as a son of Samuel rather than a son of Nicholas). The reader is asked to take into account that there has not been an opportunity to correct all of these comments and interpret them accordingly.

The journal articles, either in original or revised form, will continue to be maintained in archive form on this website for the forseeable future. The Google search capability together with the indexes provided below for the successive volumes of the journal give readers the ability to freely access any issue for reading and/or downloading. All rights to the articles as written are reserved. Articles may be reproduced in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes provided that proper attribution (including author and journal name) are included.

Our goal has been and continues to be to:

1) Concentrate specifically on the history of the Gentry family beginning with its origins in the British colonies in North America in the 1600's with emphasis on the period before 1860; and provide a repository for references applying specifically to the Gentry family and in particular to individual ancestral members.

2) The journal has not intended to compete in any way with family websites that list ancestors and/or descendants for specific families. The emphasis has been on the sources of the evidence for family data and how they relate to the broader picture of the Gentry family as a whole.

3) The editor will continue to welcome communications from readers that might clarify or correct portions of individual articles. The editor is willing to provide whatever assistance he can to readers in their efforts to resolve individual problems. But in doing so, be aware that the editor has primarily concentrated on the period before and including 1850 and such assistance in most cases will be limited to this period of time.

W. M. Gentry, Editor

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